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7 Hilarious Email Signatures to Inspire Your Sign-Off

Email Signatures

There’s prime real estate at the bottom of every email you send. Signatures — those few lines tacked onto the end of your messages — are often a missed opportunity to show how clever you are.

We mostly use email signatures in a professional manner, from stale quotes to “think of the environment before printing this email.” Instead, why not spice up your sign-offs with some humor to get a giggle out of your reader?

Check out these seven funny email signatures for some inspiration.

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15 Things Highly Confident People Don’t Do


Source: The Mind Unleashed

Highly confident people believe in their ability to achieve. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else put their faith in you? To walk with swagger and improve your self-confidence, watch out for these fifteen things highly confident people don’t do.


Highly confident people take ownership of their thoughts and actions. They don’t blame the traffic for being tardy at work; they were late. They don’t excuse their short-comings with excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I’m just not good enough”; they make the time and they keep on improving until they are good enough.

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Technical Breakdown of Why Edward Snowden Says Drop Dropbox, Use SpiderOak

SpiderOak Logo Tn

Edward Snowden announced during the interview with the Guardian that he recommends everybody stop using Dropbox. He recommends using SpiderOak instead.

I am switching over myself after his revelations.

While most of the official news sources state it is due to a “lack of security measures”, here is a technical breakdown of the reason:

1. While Dropbox does establish a secure connection using SSL though port 443 (standard HTTPS port) for the transfer and synchronization of your files, your files remain unencrypted on their servers and accessible by their systems administrators or anybody that is able to get into their system by legit (ie. government) or illegit (ie. hackers) means.

SpiderOak uses port 443 to establish the SSL connection as well -which makes sense because most firewalls have the HTTPS protocol added as an exception so it wouldn’t get blocked – but the key difference is that the information once it is stored on SpiderOak’s servers are encrypted blocks of data, inaccessible even by their systems administrators without your password.

2. The second reason why Dropbox isn’t that secure is because Dropbox allows you to connect through an SSL proxy, meaning that you establish an SSL connection to a 3rd party server and the 3rd party server connects to Dropbox through an SSL connection. If the proxy server is compromised, they can then strip the SSL from the session and sniff it.  SpiderOak will reject SSL proxy connections. It must be connected through them directly.


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Japanese Retail Giant Rakuten Hints at Bitcoin Acceptance

Rakuten CEO

The CEO of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani, has announced in a speech that his company will probably accept bitcoin “sooner or later”, according to a report.

The news, published in major daily newspaper Mainichi Shimbun, is significant as the Rakuten Group is the country’s premier online retail conglomerate, and one of the world’s largest, with a network of over 40 businesses worldwide and over 10,000 employees.

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New York Just Released Its Bitcoin License, And They’re Going To Change The Face Of Digital Currencies In The US

Bitcoin New York Policy

The New York Department of Financial Services has released a draft for what the state’s BitLicenses will look like, and they’re going to change the face of digital currency commerce in the U.S..
The greatest change is that anyone using a New York-sanctioned Bitcoin or cryptocurrency service will no longer be anonymous. This was something Bitcoin’s earliest users said was a key ingredient to the digital currency’s appeal, but which DFS, as well as other lawmakers, expressed strong distaste for at hearings earlier this year.

Now, any business whose essential service is buying, selling, or processing Bitcoin will have to maintain records of their customers’ names and addresses, and check them against the Treasury’s list of bad actors.

The businesses will also have to maintain reserve Bitcoin assets equal to 100% of however much they are holding on behalf of customers, and get bonded-up “in such form and amount as is acceptable to DFS for the protection of the licensee’s customers.” And they’ll have to submit and publish a detailed consumer complaint policy that must include a provision allowing customers to pursue their complaint with DFS.

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Top 10 Happiest Countries in 2014

Happiest Countries

Most people, no matter where they live, want to be happy, but it turns out that some countries are, on the whole, happier than others. This may not be surprising in itself, but a poll of more than 16,000 people from 20 of the world’s industrialized nations gives us insight into which nations are the happiest.

Unsurprisingly, Sweden topped the list, with a whopping 88% of its residents reporting a general happiness that is probably the result of socialized health care, extensive vacation time, paid maternity and paternity leave, a strong Euro-based economy, a general lack of involvement in armed international conflict, a vibrant arts and cultural community, a commitment to universal education, and a beautiful natural landscape, among other factors.

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