Content Writers Rising & Ecommerce Sales Jumps 16% in 2011

I am excited to announce that is on the rise with both new orders and recurring orders from existing clients! There have been a lot of blog articles circling the Internet saying that Content is King. I could not agree more. Very exciting stuff! I welcome you to give us a try with a few articles :-)

According to Internet Retailer, the United States Commerce Department announced that in 2011, the total amount of Ecommerce sales was $194.3 billion! This is a 16% increase from $167.3 billion in 2010. How does this tie into you? More and more people are buying stuff online. There is a huge market for domainers to make money building selling products by using Amazon Associates, Ebay Partner Network, and Commission Junction!

6 thoughts on “Content Writers Rising & Ecommerce Sales Jumps 16% in 2011

  1. Great article Yan. I do think that there is a huge misconception in the industry about content. If you are developing minisites, then you do not need to spend big bucks for content. The big guys might tell you that, but take it from a guy who developed 100+ profitable niche sites. Minisites aren’t meant to have return visitors anyway and Google has no idea if you spent $1 or $20 for an article.[/rant]

  2. I’m so glad you found me on CL. I used your content writing service and am very happy with the results! Here is my mini-site with the content that was provided from the service –

    Thanks Again!

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